Community Guidelines


1. Safety

We are constantly working against spam and content that is disruptive or harmful to our members. We will remove all illegal posts and warn users that we will close the account if repeated. This is so that we can offer an optimal experience for all members. Below are some types of posts that are not allowed on Ratespire:

  • We remove naked content that expresses sexuality. It is prohibited to promote, for example, prostitution, sensual massage, escort activities and other sexual services.
  • We remove content related to violence.
  • We will remove accounts that advocate or upload content that is discriminated against or linked to hate propaganda.
  • We remove content related to porn. It's okay to publish content like statues, art, paintings and breastfeeding.
  • We remove content that encourages harm, abuse or other crimes.
  • It is prohibited to publish statutory goods and dangerous substances such as weapons and drugs on Ratespire.
  • It is forbidden to publish malicious content and information that is intentionally false or misleading, such as false links.
  • It is forbidden to create accounts that are fake or impersonate a particular person or company.
  • It is forbidden to threaten and harm users on Ratespire.



2. Immaterial Rights

You are required to respect the intellectual property rights of other Members. It is forbidden to upload posts that violate laws or regulations. You may not infringe on the copyrights, rights or private use of others. It is forbidden to use Ratespire's name, brand or logo to confuse Ratespire members and visitors or for their extraction.



3. Ratepires Platform Security

Your security is important to us. We regularly monitor and analyze our systems to apply technical security measures such as HTTPS, Cloudflare CDN, Application of Server firewalls, SQL injection protection and more We also apply organizational and administrative security measures to protect your information and personal data from unauthorized users and other illegal processing. However, there is no guarantee that the information that you provide to us will not be disseminated, disclosed, altered or destroyed by attacks on our technical and physical firewalls.

To further protect our services, we inform you of the following:

  • It is forbidden to create an account with a false background or to use someone else's account by, for example, buying or selling an account to unauthorized persons, companies or organizations to gain or access our services.
  • You may not distribute your password to unauthorized persons who may expose your account to risk and harm other members.
  • It is forbidden to disclose or collect private information about others without their permission.
  • It is prohibited to post posts containing software viruses, spam, and unreasonable denial of service.
  • It is forbidden to presume yourself as an authorized staff/employee at Ratespire without the permission of authorized personnel.
  • It is forbidden to use automated methods, s, devices or robots that are harmful to our platform and for example. copy profiles, use plugins, download source codes, decompile or decrypt .m.m.



4. Post Spam

To provide an optimal experience for all members, we require that you do not post inappropriate content and spam. We delete all spam we detect. Below are some of our spam guidelines:

  • You may not link products and services to websites that are misleading, unreliable and unsafe for members.
  • You may not send unwanted or irrelevant messages and comments to other members.
  • Making money by referring members to a fake website is prohibited.
  • You may not create fake accounts.



5. Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based work based on digital marketing. That is companies reward publishers who perform by sending visitors to external sites to shop there. The public will receive compensation in the form of commission for this performance. Here are some guidelines for affiliate marketing:

  • You create a business account with affiliate marketing companies.
  • You have your own/own sponsors or/and business partners for affiliate marketing.
  • You must always follow the laws, rules and guidelines that are required of you by the country you reside in, companies with which you cooperate and Ratespire.
  • Content that is published should be reliable and refer to the original source.
  • It is prohibited to make money by referring Ratespire members to false or malicious links.
  • You may not create content that is repetitive to make money.
  • You may not create fake accounts.


Ratespire Community Guidelines are updated and applys from 2020-07-03.