Terms of Service

Our goal is to bring people together with each other and with companies. With the help of our services, we allow private individuals and companies/influencers to interact with each other and thus create value for both parties. People can share their opinions and experiences regarding products, ideas and trends in a social way. Companies get the opportunity to get to know their customers better and expand their network. Our vision is to make e-commerce simple, social and fun.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all members and visitors using the Ratespire Web Site, Applications, Communication Systems, APIs and other Services. By using these services you agree to all terms and conditions, "terms" that govern how we collect, share, use and store your data. You can access your settings at any time and review these terms, check your personal information, or close your account. You can also contact us if you have any questions. By visiting Ratespire.com, registering for an account at Ratespire or joining other websites (Facebook or Google), you agree to Ratespire's Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines and Cookie Policy.

Ratespire will immediately notify you through our services of any changes or updates to these Terms. This is to allow you to check changes. The changes that are made will not be retroactive. You can close your account if you feel this is against you. If you do not close your account before the valid date, it means that you accept the changes to our terms.


1. Our Service

On our website, we offer various services that make it easier for our members to have an optimal experience. These services can be found below:

1.1. Your Profile

All registered members will automatically have their own profile page created upon registration. Depending on whether you have chosen a private or company account at registration, your profile page will look slightly different. As a company profile, you also get a page of relevant statistics for your members. As a private person, you get a function called activity. You can switch between these accounts at any time and easily.

You decide for yourself whether all visitors should see the content of your profile page or only your followers. Those you allow will have access to all content and information published on your profile. The profile page gives you access to your own profile picture and background, uploading posts, creating collections and an activity log. The activity log includes all posts that you have rated for the purpose of giving other members the opportunity to follow and participate in your experiences.

As a company profile, you also have access to a page that shows statistics on, for example, the number of visitors, assessments, comments, collections and the number of times the users visit your website. You can also see statistics on age groups and genders visiting the profile page.

1.2. Notifications 

The purpose of notifications is to update our members about recent events and new information that is linked to their members' profiles/content. By creating an account, you also allow Ratespire to reach you via notifications when needed, for example with new updates, news and trends.

1.3. Message

With the help of message functions, you can reach all members of Ratespire. Other members also have the opportunity to reach you. By creating an account you also allow Ratespire to reach you via message if needed.

1.4. Uploading posts

All members are given the opportunity to upload posts and, for example, share their experiences, events and opinions. In this way, you give your followers the opportunity to access the content you upload. Ratespire can be used for a variety of purposes but it is mandatory that everyone respects each other by not uploading posts that go against our guidelines and rules. You are responsible for all content you upload and the external links to which you refer.

1.5. Rating

The Emoji rating system describes what the post has received for ratings. Our users can express themselves and rate products by choosing five different types of Emojis (on a scale of 1-5). This means that:

  • If you choose to press the emoji on the far left, it is given 1 star out of possible 5.
  • If the post is given 2a emoji from the left, it means that the post gets 2 out of a possible 5 stars.
  • If the post is given 3rd emoji from the left, it means that the post gets 3 out of a possible 5 stars.
  • If the post is given 4th emoji from the left it means that the post gets 4 out of possible 5 stars.
  • If the post is given the 5th emoji from the left, it means that the post gets 5 out of a possible 5 stars.

You can also opt-out of posts that you have rated by deselecting Emojis that you have specified.

1.6. Reference to external links

Ratespire members can lead visitors to external links in their posts. These can lead to websites, services, advertisers, activities and different types of offers. The purpose of this is to direct visitors to external pages where the content of the post has been downloaded. This way you can reach the content and possibly be able to buy it. You agree that the interaction that arises between you and the above parties is your responsibility and nothing for which Ratespire is responsible.


Members of Ratespire are allowed to comment on posts to be able to share their experiences, experiences and opinions. It is important when using Ratespire that all users show respect for one another and do not express themselves inappropriately and in an unauthorized manner.

1.8. Collections

Collections are for when you want to save one or more posts in a collection. These posts may be your own or other members' posts. Collections can be used, among other things, to create digital wardrobes where you can, for example, collect all your clothes, hats and much more.

Collections can also be used to save products you want to buy in the future. Only your imagination limits how collections can be used.

1.9. Activity

The activity log includes all posts that you have rated to allow other members to follow and share your experiences. This is something that you choose to show to others or not. You can adjust this in "edit profile".

1.10. hashtags

Ratespire uses tags (Hashtags) to describe the content of a post. It is the tags in a post that determine which category the post falls into. These will come into use for Ratespire users to find the right content. We strongly recommend that you tag correctly by selecting relevant tags for the post that you publish. This will help you expose your content to all users.

1.11. The Search Box

The function of the search box is to be able to search for profiles. Posts and collections. Here you can, for example, search for products that you are interested in. You can also find people, companies and influencers that you can follow.

1.12. Following

At Ratespire you can follow different people, companies and influencers. All content that these publications will appear in your "Following" page. This allows you to receive the latest news and trends from the people, companies and influencers you are following.

1.13. Explore

Explore is Ratespires home page where posts based on your preferences, ratings and posts you visit are displayed to you. The purpose is to give you an optimal user experience and to keep up to date with the latest news and trends. These are not necessarily members you follow, but here you will find all the posts that are relevant to you. At the top of the explore page, you have the opportunity to choose from different categories that you wish.

2. Your Obligations

2.1. Create an Account at Ratespire

You can create an account on Ratespire by providing us with complete and accurate information about you. This is to provide a secure platform and increase reliability. By creating a false account with incorrect information, you violate our terms.

By using Ratespire you agree to:

  • All Ratespires laws such as privacy laws, anti-spam laws and intellectual property rights.
  • You use the real name that you use in everyday life when you enter in settings.
  • You enter correct information such as date of birth, email address and mobile number.
  • You create an account with only your information and use it solely for personal use.
  • You allow us to send messages and notifications to you through our services and the contact details you have provided to us. You are solely responsible for keeping your contact information up-to-date so as not to miss important messages such as changes to the Terms.
  • You may not disclose your password to anyone or transfer your account to anyone else.
  • You must meet the age requirement. To use Ratespire you must have reached the age of 13.
  • You may not create an account if Ratespire has previously disabled your account due to a violation of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines.


You also agree that you will not:

  • Violate members' intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and ownership rights.
  • Expose private information about others without permission.
  • Post posts containing software viruses, spam, and unreasonable denial of service
  • Specifies false personal information, uses someone else's appearance without permission or permission or uses someone else's account.
  • Present you as a qualified employee on Ratespire without Ratespire's permission.
  • Uses automated methods, s, devices or robots that are harmful to our platforms eg. copy profiles, use plugins, download source codes, decompile or decipher.
  • Create ad posts where you hide information that the post is an ad post or creates posts to mislead users on Ratespire.

2.2. Create a Business Account at Ratespire

You who create a business account must agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines, to use Ratespire for business purposes. You agree that you have the authority to consent to the licenses and permissions set forth above. You who run a business account through Ratespire are solely responsible and are liable to pay damages if we are sued for any reason that you or your company has caused.


3. Rights and Restrictions


3.1 Your authorizations and bonds at Ratespire

You as a member of Ratespire own and are solely responsible for all content, material and information that you publish on our services. However, you grant us the rights to use, modify, copy, publish, distribute and process information and content that you provide to us through our platforms without any compensation or extra consent from you.


3.2 What you get to publish

The Ratespire platform gives you permission to express yourself regarding other people's content and publish their content that is important to users and does not affect the safety and well-being of others, eg. pictures, videos, links, comments or texts. Everything you publish you retain all rights to and are solely responsible for your content. We may immediately block or remove content that violates our rules. You hereby acknowledge that you do not comply with any of the provisions described below:

  • It is not allowed to use Ratespire services to publish anything:
  1. That violates our Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, and Privacy Policy.
  2. Which is illegal, directly or indirectly discriminatory, fraudulent, sexual or misleading content.
  3. Which violates the members' intellectual and other rights.
  • It is not allowed to upload malicious software that can disable, overload or hinder the proper functioning or character of our platform.
  • It is not allowed to collect personal data from Ratespire's members for services that you do not have access to.
  • It is not allowed to seek access to our products and services using automated means (without the permission of Ratespire)


We will inform you and describe what options you have before we remove your content or account to request a further review. This is if you do not exhibit any of the behaviours described below:

  • Unless you repeatedly violate our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • If your violations are liable to expose Ratespire or our users to legal liability and violate our policies and risk damaging our system.
  • If your violations are not prohibited for legal reasons.

To help us prevent any behaviour that violates your rights or our Terms of Use and Guidelines (including intellectual property rights), we ask that you report content.


3.3. How Ratespire and its Members can use your Content

Content that you publish is public to all Ratespire users. You approve and authorize the following:

  1. You authorize Ratespire and our members to use content that you publish (such as Pictures and Videos). Everyone has the right to save, reproduce, view, rate (through emojis and stars), store and distribute your content.
  2. You agree that your content may be used without any compensation from Ratespire or our members.
  3. You agree that we have the right to block or remove your content if we believe that the content violates our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines.


3.4. How Long we Keep your Content

We retain your content and information collected on your profile page as long as you provide our services. When you unregister your Ratespire account, we normally retain for a reasonable time for review, backup or archiving. This is to ensure that you do not lose all content in case your account was accidentally deleted. When you delete your account, all content owned by you will also be removed.

3.5. Content Complaints

Ratespire constantly works with complaints that come to Ratespire regarding publishing content such as image, video, links etc. This is to be able to improve and offer a platform that everyone enjoys. We require our members to provide legal and accurate information that does not violate the rights of Ratespires and its members. To continually improve our service, Ratespire has implemented a simple process to receive these complaints. Please note that any complaints you submit to us must be accurate and made under oath, as a false complaint may result in personal liability.

When we deactivate the account or delete the post, we do a check by submitting written notification to the member who has published the content. A notice that Ratespire has received a content complaint.


3.6. Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us to improve our service to our users. We accept and value your feedback to us. We are interested in receiving feedback, ideas and opinions as long as you agree that we can use them without compensation of any kind.


4. Copyright Policy

Ratespire has implemented the copyright policy. Where all members must respect the copyrights of others. You can read about our copyright laws in the Copyright Policy.


5. Your Security at Ratespire

We are constantly working on security on our platform and have thus implemented various security protections (eg HTTPS, Cloudflare CDN, application of Server firewalls, SQL injection protection) to protect your content and personal data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons cannot get past our security systems. We warn you to keep your login details secure. If you notice that your account has been compromised, you can always notify us or change your password immediately.


6. Immaterial Rights

You are obliged to respect the intellectual property rights of other members. It is forbidden to upload posts that violate our laws or regulations. You may not make use of other people's rights, copyrights, or private use. The use of Ratespire's name, trademark or logo is not permitted to mislead. Read more about our branding guidelines.


7. Close Account

Ratespire and you as a member have the right to cancel the account at any time. Ratespire has the right to close your account when you violate our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Community Policy and other Villas.

When you close your account with us, we will automatically receive information that you have closed your account. You can find instructions on how to close your account in our Help Center.


This Terms of Service is updated and applies from 2020-07-03.