Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is created to make you feel safe while using our platform. It is also for your knowledge of what information we collect from you, how we collect this information and share with whom.

1. What Information do we Collect?


1.1. We collect personal information and information that you provide to us

For you to use the Ratespire platform, we require you to provide us with some information about you. What types of information we need to collect from you are described below:

Account registration

When you create an account on Ratespire, we require you to provide us with the following personal information:

  • User name
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Password
  • (IP-adress)

In retrospect, you can optionally add the following

  • First and last name
  • Phone number

When you create an account through your Google or Facebook account, you provide the information and personal information to us. We use this information so that you can easily reach your contacts and friends. This information is then based on our privacy policy. You can always visit settings and change that information.


In the profile, members can choose what information they want to publish. We do not require members to publish sensitive information in their profile. As a user, you choose whether you want to share and are solely responsible for the personal information. We collect the information below that you publish in your profile:

  • Profile and background image.
  • Application Note.
  • Content that you have published.
  • Posts you saved in collections.
  • Activities (when visiting and assessing or commenting on a post).
  • The number of members you follow and who follow you.


When you upload posts on our platform, we collect the information and personal information that the member self-voluntarily and voluntarily provided. You are solely responsible for all content in the post that you upload. The following information and personal information we collect from posts.

  • Information self-voluntarily and voluntarily stated in the post.
  • The content by the member himself (user content) writes
  • Information about which websites/webpages the registrant downloaded the content from.
  • Information about the member's browser.
  • Links/hyperlinks specified by the member.
  • Interests (information on the registered lifestyle).
  • Information from third parties (for example, advertisements, partners and advertising agencies)


1.2 Personal Data and Information that we Collect via Other Members

Other members may upload or post content such as pictures, video, text, comment, links and other information about you.

1.3. Use of the Services

We store information and usage information about you when, for example, you visit a post, rate a post, click on the link or do a search on our platform (the website or mobile application). We store its information via Cookies, IP addresses and other similar device information.

1.4. We use Cookies and Similar Techniques

We collect information and data about you through cookies and similar technologies (eg ad tags). We use cookies to recognize you and your devices where you have interacted outside and with our services. You can read more about how we handle it in our Cookie Policy.


1.5. Data We Get From Your Devices and Locations

When you use our platforms, we collect information and obtain URLs via (Cookies and similar technologies) about which websites you visit or have left. We can also access information about your network and your device.


1.6. Communication Via Messages

We get to know when you communicate through our services. For example, when you receive a message through our services, we send notifications. To protect our site, we also use automatic scanning technology on messages. We use this technology to block content that violates our User Agreement or Privacy Policy.


1.7. Other Websites and Services

We collect information and information about you when you visit websites we partner with and have our ads. We get information about when you use your Ratespire account on other sites linked to us (such as affiliate marketing and advertisers)


1.8. Other information

We update our services and thus create new methods for using information that will help us improve our services. We will notify you immediately when we update or change systematic information management to collect your personal information or when updating, changing our privacy policy.



2. How do we use your data and information?

We use your information and personal data to establish, adapt, provide and develop our services. This is to make our services more useful and relevant to you and all members. How we use your information depends on your settings and how you use our services.


2.1. Services we Offer you

Our services help you stay in touch with all the members you follow and stay up to date on the latest trends and news in fashion, fashion, home decor, new ideas and products in general. You do this by following different profiles and they can, in turn, follow you. You can search for and find profiles that are important to you.

We use your information and information that you provide to us and information that we collect when you use our services through, for example, your profile, profiles you follow, websites you visit, posts you visit, ratings, files and comments. This is to give you a better user experience and keep you informed. We use your content, your information and your activity, incl. your name and profile picture, to send notifications to your network and others.

Our services allow you to interact with other people, companies and influencers. Depending on who you are, you can use our services in different ways. You can read more about our services.


2.2. Communication With our Members

The communication function has been established to enable members to communicate with each other and also to enable us to inform you about the latest updates, security, invitations, availability and other service-related questions about our services. We send you a message via your Ratespire message inbox, notification or via the email address.


2.3. Marketing

We market our services to you and all members by using the members' content (such as posts, ratings, savings, comments and activity) to others both inside and outside the platform.


2.4. Development of our Services

We are constantly working on complaints and feedback that come to us. Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps us develop our services and improves our platform. We also use data created on Ratespire as user behaviour. This helps us to constantly develop the platform and offer our members an optimal user experience.

2.5. Information collected through the Help Center

Through our Help Center, we have access to your information to help you, investigate and answer your questions when a problem arises or if you have any thoughts, questions or opinions.


2.6. Information Collected for Statistics

We use your data and other information to generate statistics that help business members better know their customers and improve the customer experience. Statistics are created for eg. age, gender, savings, ratings, comments, number of views, and number of visits by external links.


2.7. Information Collected for Security and Investigations

We collect personal information and information from you to investigate and prevent fraud, protect our members or other crimes that violate our User Agreement.



3. How and When is your Personal Data and Information Shared?

All content you upload is shared with all Ratespire members or only your followers, depending on the settings you have chosen. If your profile page is public, it means that all users can access your content. However, you can choose to display your content only to your followers. Please note that we do not disclose your personal information (such as first name, last name, telephone number and e-mail address) to external companies, businesses, organizations for the purpose of marketing. For example:

  • APIs
  • Facebook and Google
  • Marketing

We market our services to you and all members by using the members' content (such as posts, ratings, savings, comments and activity) to others both inside and outside the platform.

  • Third parties

We share your information with third-party companies such as Google Analytics to develop and improve our services for you. Its information helps us to identify our members' needs more easily and gives us better conditions to be able to deliver better services and functions to our members. We also share your information with, for example, suppliers and other consultants that we work with to develop our services. This is provided that these third-party companies do not use their information for their extraction. These third-party companies may not disseminate this information to other external partners.

  • Authorities and law enforcement organizations

We will only share your information with authorities and law enforcement organizations if required by law, legal request or regulation. This is to protect all members and the public from harm and prevent crime.



4. How Long We Keep Your Data and Information

We retain your personal information and information collected as long as you use our services. When you unregister your Ratespire account, we start the process of deleting all your data and your content, but the process can take time and in normal cases, we do not retain your data for more than a month. Under certain conditions, we have to keep your information for a longer time. This only applies when required by law or when personal data may be required for security reasons to exercise, establish or defend a legal basis. Then we will delete it from our systems.


5. Our Legal Basis for Processing Your Data and Information

We only process the personal data for which we have a legal basis and need for us to provide our services to you. These legal bases include when we enter into an agreement with you and you give us your consent. In processing additional personal data from you, we will request your consent or ensure that the processing of your data is permitted by legal basis. You can request your withdrawal at any time.



6. Your Rights and Obligations?

You who have registered an account on Ratespire have rights regarding how we process your personal data. You can contact us at any time for further clarification of how we handle your personal information. The rights and obligations you and we have in common are described below:

  • You have the right to request a register extract and get information about what personal data and information we process about you.
  • You have the right to request that we erase any personal information that is incorrect about you or if you believe that we process your personal information incorrectly.
  • You have the right to request the limitation of your personal data under certain conditions. Please note that if we restrict your personal information, you may not be able to access all of our services.
  • If you believe that we are processing your personal information incorrectly, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate. For more information on the processing of personal data, please visit



7. Applicable Children's Data and Information

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use Ratespire. Your country's rules apply if the country you live in requires a higher age limit for you to consent to the processing of your data by law.



8. Additional Important Information


8.1. Security

Your security is important to us. We regularly monitor and analyze our systems to apply technical security measures such as HTTPS, Cloudflare CDN, Application of Server firewalls, SQL injection protection and more We also apply organizational and administrative security measures to protect your information and personal data from unauthorized users and other illegal processing. However, there is no guarantee that the information that you provide to us will not be disseminated, disclosed, altered or destroyed by attacks on our technical and physical firewalls.


9. Updates to this Privacy Policy

As soon as we change or update our privacy policy, we will notify you so that you can give your consent.


This policy is updated and applies from 2020-07-03.