Cookies Policy


1. What are Cookies and why is it used on Ratespire?

When you start your browser whether it is Chrome by Google or Safari by Apple or any other type of browser, a small amount of data is stored in the browser, the data that is restored is the form av text. It is the text that is called Cookies or by its formal name HTTP Cookies. Usually, two types of Cookies are used, Session Cookie and Persistent Cookie. The differences between these are under the heading "How long is the information stored?".

Ratespire uses Cookies, intending to increase the usability of Ratespire's platforms. The goal is that users of Ratespire should not have to specify language choices and other settings or login again for each visit. With the help of cookies, the website owner can also get better statistics on the user's habits, and thus the user can access individualized user experience based on past searches and purchases.



2. How long is the information stored?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the difference between "Session Cookie" and "Persistent Cookie".

A session cookie is information in the form of data stored during a visit. This information is deleted as soon as the user closes the browser.

Permanent cookie or Persistent Cookie is a cookie that stores data during a visit but, unlike session cookie, that information is stored in the browser (eg Chrome, internet explorer, etc) until the expiration date or until it is manually deleted in the browser which the cookies are stored.


3. How does Ratespire implement and use Cookies?

On the Ratespire platform, the usage of Cookies has three purposes and these are described below:

Cookies for ease of use: These cookies are necessary to help the user get a simple experience by, for example, not having to log in, choose the language, and other default settings at each visit.

Cookies to enhance the experience: These Cookies are used to tailor the content to the user's preferences presented to the user on Ratespire's platforms.

Cookies for analysis: These Cookies are used by Ratespire to analyze data and also be able to use analytical programs such as Google analytics. Third-party companies such as Google Analytics offer programs like Google analytics that enable Ratespire to understand how our services are used by our users and how Ratespire can be developed and improved.

Your personal privacy is very important to Ratespire and therefore we invest extra time to assist our users with all the information they need and wish regarding how Cookies work and how Ratespire uses Cookies. If you want to know more about how you can influence what data is stored in your browser, how you can change/delete it or if you have questions about cookies in general, you are more than welcome to contact us through [email protected]

Marketing Cookies: These Cookies are used to assist Ratespire's business users such as companies, influencers, bloggers, and more, with information that can help achieve relevant marketing. Ratespire offers company profiles access to certain data in the "Statistics" page such as the age of visitors to the company profile page, the number of views on respective posts from that company, the number of how many times a post is collected, etc. This is to help companies, influencers, and more to have the opportunity to analyze their audience to be able to offer better products. Note that all data offered to users with company profiles are anonymous data, i.e. usernames, names, and data that can reveal a user's identity are never submitted to company profiles.


The Ratespire cookie policy is updated and applies from 2020-07-03.